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Welcome to the Office of Systems Integration (OSI) Public Records Act Directory, a repository of documents requested by the public from the OSI pursuant to the Public Records Act. Please note that this is not a comprehensive directory of all documents requested from the OSI. These documents are provided for viewing by the general public for convenience and to further transparency and openness in government.

Please note that these documents may be redacted pursuant to applicable state and/or federal law. If you have any questions regarding these documents, please contact the OSI at:

PRA Tracking Number Name and Description Documents Available Download File
2017-006 RFP #31885 CWDS Intake Implementation

Contract awarded to Oncore Consulting
All proposals received by vendors, including best and final offers and scoring sheets
Evaluation and selection report

2017-012 RFO #32136 CWDS Scrum Master

All vendor proposal

2017-021 RFO #32051 CWDS CALS

Contract awarded to Cambria Solutions, Inc.

All offers received by vendors and scoring sheets

Evaluation and selection report



RFO #32130 CWDS Tech Platform 2

All offers received by vendors

All scoring sheets of vendor offers

Assessment and Selection Report